Taking action to fight for rights Texans should have

I went to the State Capitol in Austin, TX to protest Senate Bill 7 and House Bill 6. These bills aim to disenfranchise communities of minorities, senior citizens, and disabled folks to make it harder for them to learn how to vote by Mail. Eventually this will drive designated voting sites to predominantly white neighborhoods where Republicans can have their “designated poll watchers” in place. Texas already has a large partisanship of poll watchers at designated sites. This is to include minimizing polling sites regardless of population. This means a city like Houston would have the same amount of polling sites as a small rural town.

This bill is more than just having a valid I.D. or drivers license to vote. It restricts who is eligible to vote by mail. Texas is a state where we have the lowest voter registration turnout across the nation. Republicans like Greg Abbot and Briscoe Cane have bought into the idea that the election was stolen and now they want to make the voting process even more difficult for Texans. It isn’t enough to have the rural vote, it’s now their goal to restrain major cities who tend to lean blue from voting.

Texas grew by nearly 5 million from 2010 through 2020 and more minority voters and young voters are turning out to vote. It’s clear that Senior Republican leaders in Texas fear that Texas will become a swing state in the coming elections, therefore, they will do what they can to suppress the votes. It’s up to us to vote with our hearts for the Naturalized Citizens, Hispanics, Blacks, Minorities (to include Whites and Republicans who are not Trump supporters).

Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Presidential Candidate, and Former Mayor of San Antonio Julian Castro.
Aaron Arguijo and former Presidential Candidate Julian Castro

Aaron Arguijo and Former Presidential Candidate Beto O'rourke

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